Our passion is designing custom backyard golf greens that get golfers excited every time they use them. We apply principles from real golf course design and construction so your project looks and feels authentic. Simply put, we build golf projects that utilize the many benefits of Synthetic Turf.




I don’t have to sell you on the idea of having your own golf green. It’s awesome. But I understand that there are many factors when it comes to choosing a golf designer. Let me tell you why I think I’m the right guy to design your golf project.

First and foremost – when it comes to golf, I ride that fine line between passion and obsession. And I think a love of golf is incredibly important when it comes to selecting someone to build your dream.

I’ve always been a hard worker – and it’s because I love what I do. When I’m working on a project, I eat sleep and breathe it. When I’m not designing or building greens, I’m thinking about another facet of golf. Why? Because golf is exciting to me – and it’s my aim to make you really excited for what we’re going to build together, too.

I combine my love of golf with my creativity and experience in every project I take on. I am happily at a place in my life where I only take on projects that keep me rooted in my passion. I’m looking for clients who dare to dream. I’ve created some amazing amenities for some very satisfied golfers. When I look at a new project I love the challenge of maximizing the full potential of the landscape. If you’ve already got ideas – great. Let’s expand on them and create something truly special. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to make your golf dream come true.



Like so many other Canadian kids, Jeff grew up discovering a real talent for playing hockey. It wasn’t long before he realized that golf had a stronger calling. From a young age, Jeff was setting the family lawnmower to the lowest setting and creating his own backyard greens. At age 13, he began working at Duntroon Highlands Golf Club as a means to pay for his junior golf fees. He had success and played well at the provincial level and even qualifying for a couple national championships. He tried the scholarship route at a college in the U.S., but his aspirations of playing the game professionally soon transformed.

Fast forward ahead a couple of years; after graduating from the University of Guelph with a Diploma in Turfgrass Management, Jeff accepted the job as Assistant Superintendent at an exclusive course being built in Thornbury – The Golf Club at Lora Bay. His experience in helping construct, grow-in, and manage this new golf property to maturity has proven to be an invaluable asset.

Jeff always envisioned building his own professional golf green in his backyard, but understanding that the maintenance of a real green wasn’t practical, he heavily researched synthetic turf and fell in love with the concept. Always wanting to grow and expand, it was time for Jeff to find another way to utilize his talents. And, thus, in 2012 Ikes Turf was born. Since its inception, Ikes Turf has strived to rise above the competition by offering its clients more value and expertise based on experience, love for golf and our core values of trust, responsibility, and integrity.


To bring Synthetic Turf to the next level by incorporating its sustainability with exciting, natural designs that tie seamlessly into the environment.


Ikes Turf is a leader in Synthetic Turf design. We’re young and energetic and we are constantly striving to improve from one project to the next. When you hire Ikes Turf you are partnering with experience, integrity and value that is incomparable.

We know your project isn’t about throwing down some turf like it’s carpet and calling it a day. And we know you don’t learn things by doing them right the first time. We’ve made and fixed mistakes. Experience has proven to be our greatest teacher and have helped strengthen our installation procedures. After 7 years and over 50 custom golf greens, we have our systems dialed in! We know how to deal with the hiccups that can arise and we haven’t met a challenge we couldn’t handle. That’s what experience is all about.



We believe golf is in a healthy state, but that doesn’t mean the industry should remain stagnant. Industry leaders are always looking for new ways to attract younger golfers and engage the present players.

We are excited to introduce artificial golf to the public on a wider scale. Synthetic Turf is a viable, sustainable, cost effective option in delivering a high-end product while minimizing the required maintenance. Golf will be more affordable. The greens will be able to handle more traffic while still providing an excellent – and authentic – playing surface.

At Ikes Turf we believe golf is ready to go to the next level and we’re prepared to deliver the next generation of golf. `We are already working on our vision that will make golf more fun, take less time, and cost less.  With our understanding of the intricacies of golf course turf management and years in the Synthetic Turf industry we feel perfectly positioned to bring these two worlds together.


We want you to enjoy what we create for you. We appreciate you trusting Ikes Turf with your investment, so every one of our projects receives the same level of care and attention to detail as if it were our own backyard. If you’re ready to discuss working with Ikes Turf, we’re excited to hear from you.